About Us

Sam Johnston, Forbes & Jim Honner, Jugiong

Showcasing where Australian food & fibre comes from,
who makes it, and how it’s made

One 📸at a time! 

G'day, Sam and Jim here!

Together we have one goal – to showcase where Australian food and fibre comes from, who makes it and how it’s made. The Thank A Farmer For Your Next Meal brand aims to promote the Australian agricultural industry and its primary producers to a wider audience in order to close the continually widening gap between producer and consumer, city and bush.

We believe that as farmers and people involved in the ag sector that it's important to work closely with our city based friends, family and consumers to show them exactly what goes on 'on farm' - as it's undoubtedly a story worth telling.  

It is fair to say that if we are able to give the consumer a better insight into what processes are involved in getting their food and fibre from paddock to plate, farm to fork or fibre to fashion then we can help them better understand the true value of our products.

We both thank you and appreciate your ongoing support,
Sam Johnston, Forbes (Left)
 & Jim Honner, Jugiong (Right)

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